Zulu Hotel Valhalla

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Welcome to the official Webpage of the Zulu hotel server Valhalla.


Host Odin


Shard files are all here:

Step by step guide:

Download Ultima Online and install ( make sure you don't have any other Ultima online copies on your computer!


Download the Valhalla files:
ZH Valhalla installer

Download Razor Latest and follow the instruction on how to get it running on that website.


Make sure you read our rules to avoid trouble!

 the IP = zuluhotel.no-ip.org     port  2593

if you cannot connect just pm a staff he will fix

To create an account just login, Make sure the account and/or password you request is no less then 4 characters short or greater then 10 characters long!
When you did login, contact staff on the Forum to Activate your account.

Also use of weird characters like !"#%&/()=? and special country letters might not allow you to create an account.